Germany: Muslim ‘Asylum Seeker’ Attempts Bombing Attack, Media Rewrites Motive, Calls Bomber “Young Man From Lüdenscheid”

Human life is secondary to not offending Muslims or casting a shadow on the war texts and teachings of Islam.

The primary objective in Islamic terror reporting is remove Islam, blame imaginary white supremacists where possible, and do not trigger Muslim hair-trigger sensibilities.

German translation:

Tonight, a cleaner made a shocking discovery in the train depot Cologne-Deutzerfeld: A bomb was placed in the car of a regional train. It is said to have been hidden in a cardboard box.

The dogs of the alarmed federal police then immediately barked at the place where it was found. The box was x-rayed by special forces and the homemade explosive device was finally defused on site by the bomb defusers.

According to initial investigations, the ” self-made device” was explosive and could have caused serious injuries to passengers standing around in the compartment due to the splinter effect.

BREAKING: Following the attempted bomb attack on a German regional train, Merkel’s mainstream media rewrite the terrorist, a Syrian asylum seeker, as a resident of the German Sauerland region

By: Fred Medforth, Allah’s Willing Executioners, October 11, 2020

Attempted bombing attack committed by a Syrian “refugee” (Tweet above).

All the more surprising what regional media from North Rhine-Westphalia made of the police report: They informed that the perpetrator was a “young man from Lüdenscheid”; used not only by public broadcaster WDR and various Cologne daily newspapers.The headline already mentioned the “inhabitant of the German region of Sauerland”, who has now confessed to having placed the explosive device in the toilet of a regional railway.

According to the media, his motive is “disturbing” and “bitter”: he had acted “out of dissatisfaction with his precarious social situation”, according to the police; with his act he had “wanted to attract public attention”. All of this would have been quite harmless – had it not been for former President of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution Hans-Georg Maaßen, who spoiled the beautiful idyll of the German bomber with some background information:

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