Ghostbusters Star Actor Rick Moranis Randomly Beaten in Broad Daylight in NYC

The Knockout Game is a social phenomenon where the goal is to knockout random people with one punch.

And, in what appears to be another instance of the knockout game, a black man assaulted actor Rick Moranis on the streets of New York City.

The frequency with which this is happening is chronicled by the New York Post. They give us a list of recent examples of random, gratuitous assaults on innocent people. Of the five cases listed by the Post, four of them are clearly black men assaulting people. (see here, here, here, and here)

The New York Post is blaming de Blasio, which is all very well. But, it is time to start connecting the dots. Not to demonize anyone. But to instead counter the lie that white people are attacking black people. This has become a massive lie propagated by: Black Lives Matter, the Council on American Islamic Relations, Hollywood, the director of the FBI, the NBA, NFL, MLB, and your evening news.

It is going to take sustained popular outrage to stop the well-financed, and organized campaign to start a race war in this country.

Rick Moranis attack part of trend de Blasio can’t, or won’t, solve

NY Post

[“Ghostbusters” star, Rick] Moranis, stunned, found himself picking himself up off the pavement on Central Park West with pain in his head, back and hip.

Isolated incident, or the latest in a worrying trend?

  • Aug. 23: A 66-year-old man was walking west on West 129th Street when a man came up and smashed him on the back of the head several times with a bottle.
  • July 27: A 68-year-old woman standing on the L train platform at Sixth Avenue and 14th Street was kicked and struck by a man who then pushed her onto the tracks.
  • July 17: Two men who came up behind an 89-year-old woman walking near 16th Avenue and 77th Street in Bensonhurst and slapped her. One of them set her shirt on fire with a match or lighter.
  • June 12: A 92-year-old woman hit her head on a fire hydrant after a man passing by casually shoved her to the ground near Gramercy Park. “When they helped me up, I said ‘What happened’ because I didn’t even know what happened.
  • June 10: A 78-year-old woman walking in Bushwick was struck in the head by a man walking by. Video of the incident showed the man reacting as though he was the victim of an offense.

Gotta say, not sure that $1.25 billion mental health program Mayor Bill de Blasio set up to give his wife something to do is working out so well. De Blasio’s idea of filling three Upper West Side hotels with derelicts and mentally ill men doesn’t look like such a great idea either.

Where has BdB himself been throughout all of this?

Well, he’s denouncing Donald Trump for complying with federal tax laws such as the Obama policy of allowing deductions for previous years’ business losses (which resulted in Barry writing Donny a $73 million check).

As for crime, though, whenever Blowhard Bill takes a side, it’s usually the criminals’. Last year de Blasio’s “bail reform” launched, and criminals laughed. No bail or pretrial detention for misdemeanors and even lots of felonies? This was better than a get-out-of-jail-free card, it was a never-go-to-jail-in-the-first-place card. Also in 2019, de Blasio started handing out gift cards and Mets tickets to anyone who bothered to show up for a court date. (Not that anyone would risk his freedom for a Mets ticket.) De Blasio defended the policy by saying it’s what “experts” wanted. Good thing those guys are infallible.

Oh, and then he cut a billion dollars from the NYPD budget, because they’re obviously to blame for what happened a thousand miles away in Minneapolis.

De Blasio is promising a crackdown, though: Just this week, he swore he’d go after cops who don’t wear masks. Granny-shovers meanwhile will go about their business, knowing that you can get arrested 103 times without much effect.

Here’s an idea if you want to show us you still care, Billy Blazes: Shut down your wife’s billion-dollar boondoggle, reduce her $2 million staff budget by 90 percent and redirect that money to the police. Then convince the cops you’ve got their back, get out of their way and let them do their jobs. That is, if you can squeeze in time for this during those few hours a day when you’re not whining about Donald Trump.




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