HIDDEN DATA: What is the median age of Coronavirus death? 80 years-old or 82 years-old?

Why is this data hidden?
Does anyone know the median age of all COVID-19 deaths in the U.S.? With and without co-morbidities?

“The COVID death rate will likely settle into the 0.25%-0.4% range (1 in 250 people infected to 1 in 400). Far from 20 times higher than flu. Meanwhile, the median age of death is 78-80. And unlike the flu, SARSCoV2 is basically not dangerous to children.” (here)

FORBES: I have no idea. But for the sake of argument, let’s say it is 72. You might say it is 68, or you might say it is 76. You don’t know, exactly, and I don’t either. Someone should ask Drs. Fauci and Birx next time. We know it’s not young. It is almost certainly over 65 and quite higher in many states. (It was 80 in Vermont as of last week.) We know, definitively, that age is one of two primary risk factors for COVID-19 deaths. A pre-existing, co-morbid condition (diabetes, obesity, history of smoking, etc.) is the other big risk. All of this widely known and reported. It’s not unfair to say that a median 72-year-old who dies from COVID-19 was probably not the healthiest of 72-year-olds.

[UPDATE 4-26-20, 9:40am ET: The intrepid reporter, @AlexBerenson, cites the median age of death as 78-80. If correct, this strengthens the case for using actuarial tables when analyzing COVID-19 death damage.]

So let’s make an informed guess about living days stolen by COVID-19.

If 80,000 Americans end up dying from COVID-19 in 2020, that will be a terrible tragedy. But the scale of this tragedy is much less when you look at the number of living days stolen from the newly dead, whose median age (we agreed, for sake of argument) was 72. And since that median-age 72-year-old who died from COVID-19 also likely had a co-morbid condition, then the number of days remaining without COVID-19 was not terribly much. How many days of life did COVID-19 cost the median 72-year-old with a co-morbid condition? We have no actuarial tables to tell us. No doubt some researcher will tell us one day. But today we can only guess.

Would the median-age 72-year-old with co-morbid conditions have lived another 1,000 days (or 2.73 years) without COVID-19? Or perhaps double that – 2,000 days (5.43 years)? Or then again, maybe only 500 days (1.36 years)? Let’s take the middle number, 1,000 additional days. We can see that COVID-19’s lethal impact (forecasted 80,000 deaths x 1,000 stolen days) will have resulted in 80 million stolen days.


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