Hunter/Joe Biden Corruption Controversy Grows

As more details emerge surrounding the computer (Fox News). From Quin Hillyer: Remember that what the Biden laptop reportedly contained involves a cache of 40,000 emails, text messages by the thousands, and other documents, most of them replete with shorthand references, dates, times, nicknames, and financial details. Most of them are almost assuredly quotidian and unnewsworthy but almost impossible to fake with any degree of success. (Faking a single document in a way that can fool somebody such as Dan Rather is one thing; faking tens of thousands is exponentially harder.) The reality is that much of what has been reported can be independently assessed for veracity. There are notes supposedly in Hunter Biden’s handwriting; does the handwriting match with other samples? There are emails to his daughter; do they use terms and expressions unique to the Bidens? There are financial details that can be checked against already known information, schedules that can be checked, e-addresses and messages that can be cross-referenced, and a plethora of other material that would be difficult for even the best collection of fraudsters to portray believably (Washington Examiner). From Margot Cleveland: it is the evidence of the former vice president’s corruption, and the national security risk our country would face by electing Biden, that is the story of the MacBook hard drive, not the salacious, verified photographs and videos of Hunter Biden (The Federalist). Twitter’s banning of the story may have given it more life (Daily Wire). From Rich Lowry: Please don’t report on the emails that we don’t deny the authenticity of is a very strange posture (Twitter). Source: Daybreak Insider

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