Illinois Gov. Pritzker family owns stake in company providing COVID-19 tests

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Pritzker family owns stake in company providing COVID-19 tests

Matthew Rago, Editor-in-Chief, NEIU Independent, May 18, 2020

A private capital group owned by the Pritzker family possesses a stake in a COVID-19 testing, according to the Pritzker Group Private Capital website.

According to the company’s website, PathGroup, which describes itself as one of the largest “private providers of anatomic pathology and clinical lab services” in the United States, partnered with Pritzker Group Private Capital to recapitalize, or replace debt with stock, in 2016.

An announcement dated Aug. 1, 2016, reads:

“Pritzker Group Private Capital and co-investors including Vesey Street Capital Partners invested alongside PathGroup’s management team and pathologists, who continue to hold a significant ownership stake in PathGroup and will continue to lead the company’s growth as the preferred provider of comprehensive anatomic, clinical and molecular pathology services.”

On March 16, PathGroup announced that the company would begin offering COVID-19 testing for individuals who meet the CDC’s clinical and/or epidemiological criteria

Gov. Pritzker carries a history of using his personal fortune to fund Illinois expenses. In January of 2020, the Illinois Senate introduced a bill aimed at preventing Pritzker from using private finances on public expenses.

Pritzker attempted to add $150,000 to the $148,000 designated toward the salary of Pritzker’s chief of staff.  Pritzker also used his estimated $3.4 billion fortune to pay $3 million in state expenses, including increased salaries for 16 top staffers.

Pritzker’s willingness to use private dollars on public expenses drew the ire of political opponents.

“Are they doubling the salary? Is this a bonus for getting legislation passed? [That] would be of extreme concern, basically, that’s pay for performance when it comes to governance and that would be highly unethical,” said Naperville Rep. Grant Wehrli.

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