Jew-Hating Bigots Viciously Target New Gelato Business Because It’s From Israel

There was a time when Canada was perhaps the safest country for Jews outside of Israel. Those days are long gone.

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New gelato business in Toronto with negative reviews because it’s from Israel

By BlogTO, June 26, 2021

A new gelato business, celebrating opening its first shop in Toronto, is being targeted with negative reviews because it is from Israel.

Solato, a gelato company from Israel opened in Stackt just a few days ago, and shortly after a story was posted to blogTO, a negative review campaign started.

The brand started in Israel in Tel Aviv and Ma’alot, and has another location in Canada in Montreal. They serve made-to-order gelato using eco-friendly capsules.

Shortly after the blogTO story was posted there were calls to give the new business negative reviews on Google and boycott it.

“Go on their Google reviews and put 1 star,” wrote one person on Twitter followed by #FreePalestine and #BoycottIsrael.

Another person called for a boycott.

The call seems to have prompted a handful of negative comments and low stars — although it is unclear how many are linked to the campaign. As of Thursday afternoon, there were 11 one-star reviews but that was balanced out by 15 four-star reviews.

Solato did not immediately respond to a call for comment.

As soon as the negative reviews went up so too did those supporting the new gelato spot.

Solato, a Toronto gelato shop founded in Israel, hit with deluge of negative reviews

By National Post, June 26, 2021

‘Great if you want a side of apartheid,’ says a one-star review on Google for Solato

A Toronto gelato shop was the target of a deluge of one-star reviews online, seemingly because the company was founded in Israel.

The negative review campaign comes on the heels of a wave of anti-Semitism in Canada, including a Toronto cannabis store that had its windows smashed and swastikas painted on the walls, and two incidents where Edmonton police investigated after homes were approached by people making anti-Semitic remarks.

The brand, Solato, uses a pod-based system — rather like a coffee pod press — to produce made-to-order gelato.

The company’s headquarters are in Maalot, Israel, a small city near the border with Lebanon, and its research and design department is located in Tel Aviv. It has two Canadian locations, one in Toronto and one in Montreal.

The campaign against Solato, first reported by BlogTo, resulted in dozens of critical reviews on Google — while plenty of others expressed dismay at those reviews. Out of 738 reviews, the majority of people gave the gelato shop five stars, but the second-most popular rating is one star, pulling the company’s average down to 3.9 stars.

More than 200 reviews were posted Friday morning alone. But by Friday afternoon, it appeared the shop had been removed from Google, and the reviews along with it.

“Great if you want a side of apartheid,” said a one-star review. “Culturally appropriated gelato,” said another.

Meanwhile, a positive review said, “Let’s not mix political views that irrationally & unethically affect people’s livelihoods.”

“Go and eat and then judge if country matters or taste,” said another.

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