LAWSUIT FILED IN MICHIGAN OVER VOTER FRAUD: Democrat Whistleblower Comes Forward Regarding MASSIVE Voter Fraud, Giuliani Says There’s Enough Evidence to WIN Michigan


Trump campaign files federal lawsuit in Michigan over fraud allegations

By Zachary Halaschak, Washington Examiner, November 10, 2020:

MADISON, Wisconsin — President Trump’s reelection campaign is filing a lawsuit in federal court in an attempt to keep Michigan from certifying its results until the voting process can be reviewed.

The lawsuit is set to be filed Tuesday evening, exactly one week from the election, in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Michigan. The lawsuit alleges several instances of electoral malfeasance and includes sworn affidavits, said Matt Morgan, general counsel for Trump’s reelection campaign, during a press call.

Trump’s team filed a lawsuit in Michigan court the day after the election, alleging that a plaintiff who was “credentialed and trained as an election challenger” was “excluded from the counting board during the absent voter ballot review process.” A Michigan judge ruled against that lawsuit on Thursday.

The new federal lawsuit claims that many Republican poll watchers in Wayne County, where Detroit is located, were excluded from the absentee ballot counting process and were intimidated and harassed. It also seeks information about the voting technology used across the state after a failure to update software in Antrim County caused a glitch, resulting in 6,000 votes incorrectly being tabulated for Joe Biden rather than Trump.

“The complaint is based on affidavits showing that designated challengers were denied meaningful observation as required by law,” Morgan said, adding that there was testimony of “derogatory language” used against Republicans at the TCF Center, the central location where Wayne County absentee ballots were tabulated.

Morgan said that the complaint will request that Michigan’s secretary of state not certify the election results “until we have been able to verify and confirm that the ballots that were cast were tabulated according to the law.”

Thor Hearne, counsel to the Trump campaign, said during the call that irregularities in Wayne County were “pervasive.

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