List of Trump’s accomplishments involving Israel over his first term

As Rosh Hashanah approaches, let us reflect on Trump’s pro-Jewish accomplishments.
Thanks to David C:

  Here’s a list of Trump’s accomplishments involving Israel over his first term:

  1. Recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital
  2. Opened U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem
  3. Recognized Israel’s sovereignty on Golan
  4. Withdrew from corrupted UNESCO & UNHRC
  5. Passed Taylor Force Act, to end ‘Pay to Slay’ [Jews]
  6. Defunded PA & UNRWA who support Hamas
  7. Closed PLO Mission in Washington
  8. Withdrew from Iran Deal (in agreement with Israel)
  9. Designated  Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps  as a terrorist group
  10. Never put undue pressure on Israel and rejects pro-BDS groups
  11. ‘Opened the Skies’ by flying first flight thru Saudi Arabia airspace to Israel
  12. US State Department deems Jewish settlements in Judea & Samaria legal
  13. Signed first-ever Executive Order to fight antisemitism on US campuses
  14. Proposed Peace Deal between Israel and Palestinians
  15. Facilitated historic Israeli-United Arab Emirates Peace Deal
  16. ‘Opened the Skies’: First Direct Flight from Israel to Sudan
  17. Brokered peace between Israel and Islamic Kosovo & Sudan
  18. Brokered peace between Israel and Bahrain

OBAMA/BIDEN gave Iran unconditionally 150 billion dollars to support Hamas and Hizballah. Obama/Biden passed UNSC 2446 which was supposed to transfer old Jerusalem to Muslim Arabs. President TRUMP prevented it from happening.

Most American Jews know these facts. Many will vote this time for our president TRUMP

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