New York Times Op-Ed Questions Legitimacy of Supreme Court

Enemy of the people.

New York Times Op-Ed Questions Legitimacy of Supreme Court

By: Daybreak Insider

The story opens “We are lawyers who clerked for Justice Anthony Kennedy, a lifelong conservative appointed to the Supreme Court by President Ronald Reagan. We urge the Senate not to confirm Judge Amy Coney Barrett or any nominee until after the presidential election. Rushing through a confirmation with an election underway threatens the very legitimacy of the court” (NY Times).  From Tim Carney: The partisans trying to undermine the legitimacy of our government because the other side is winning—this isn’t good (Twitter). From Chuck Schumer: Senate Democrats are taking over the floor all night to fight this sham process by Senate Republicans. We will not stop fighting (Twitter). Senator King from Maine is threatening to pack the court (Twitter). From Jacob Rubashkin: I think people underrate the extent to which rank and file senators have been procedurally radicalized over the past five years. When King was elected it was unclear if he’d caucus with Democrats or Republicans. Now he’s openly indicating he could support court expansion! (Twitter).

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