NYC businesses won’t survive coronavirus lockdowns, local destruction: IAC’s Barry Diller

Destroying businesses and livelihoods is now a central pillar of the Democrat platform – the misery party.

Mayor Bill de Blasio may as well have dropped a MOAB on New York City.

Ep 21 | Inside Socialist New York City

People and businesses are fleeing New York City. It is happening right now, in real-time. Mayor Bill de Blasio is DESTROYING the city that was once thriving and bustling.His destructive policies that include defunding police, releasing dangerous criminals from prison, and allowing BLM rioters to overtake the city have led to increased shootings, murders, and violent crimes. Is it any wonder why the citizens of NYC are jumping ship?This week, Benny Johnson takes to the streets to ask locals for their thoughts on de Blasio’s horrible leadership.Turning Point USA #CovidNYC #BigGovSucks

Posted by Turning Point USA on Friday, October 2, 2020

NYC businesses won’t survive coronavirus lockdowns, local destruction: IAC’s Barry Diller

By Fox News, October 3, 2020

New York is a weird place to be around” during the coronavirus pandemic, IAC chairman Barry Diller told FOX Business’ Maria Bartiromo on “Mornings with Maria” on Thursday.

“It’s devastating because you just drive anywhere, walk anywhere and you see local destruction,” he added.

Diller also noted that “it is almost impossible” for businesses to survive in New York City following the coronavirus closures and the violence sparked by protests after the death of George Floyd, a Black man who died in Minneapolis police custody.

During the unrest over the summer, looters broke into New York City stores, stole merchandise and caused destruction.

IAC, which owns media and Internet brands, is headquartered in New York City. Diller told host Maria Bartiromo that on Labor Day, when the company’s headquarters was reopened, the 750 employees were given the option to come back to the building and only about 5% returned to the office.

“Truthfully, no one comes,” Diller said.

“If you give people the choice, generally, they’re going to say, ‘No. If I’m getting full pay, I am working at home doing whatever I want,’” he added. “What could be better? So that’s true for all offices in New York.”

Diller went on to say that “New York’s not going to get back again until we get clear signals that you can go about without taking these extreme precautions.”

“We’ve got to get Broadway back,” he continued. “Broadway supports [a] huge amount of small businesses and all sorts of derivatives that are just idle.”

He went on to say that “so much of the city” is currently idle and “it is not sustainable.”

“It can’t go on for nine months, which is one of the predictions, is that you won’t get theater back, Broadway back for one year from today,” Diller said. “That’s devastating.”

Diller stressed that “New York needs a plot.”

“Thank God schools are starting again, but will they stay open?” he asked.

“Every day it’s just kind of a drip drive of various scares that is just inhibiting life and at a point, [we] got to get used to where we are, but we’ve got to get used to the risks, and we’ve got to take some risks, particularly people who are not vulnerable and get back to full life.”


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