Pompeo won’t rule out a 2024 presidential run: ‘Always up for a fight’

Probably not feasible. However, if President Trump decides to run for POTUS in 2024, then Mike Pompeo is the perfect running mate. Much better than Pence.

Without election integrity, these conversations are moot.

Pompeo won’t rule out a 2024 presidential run on ‘Hannity’: ‘Always up for a fight’

By Fox News, March 3, 2021

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo declined Wednesday to rule out a run for the White House if former President Donald Trump does not seek the office in 2024, telling Fox News’ “Hannity” he was “always up for a fight.”

“I care deeply about America,” Pompeo told host Sean Hannity. “You and I have been part of the conservative movement for an awfully long time now. I aim to keep at it.”

Hannity said he would take Pompeo’s answer as “a strong maybe,” to which Pompeo responded, “That’s perfect.”


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