President Trump, Dozens of House GOPers Seek Special Counsel Probe of Hunter, Joe Biden

What’s it going to take to investigate the Biden criminal syndicate?

Trump Demands Attorney General Barr Investigate Hunter Biden

Dozen House GOPers Seek Special Counsel Probe of Hunter, Joe Biden

By Brian Trusdell |  Newsmax, 19 October 2020:

Nearly a dozen Republican members of the House of Representatives asked Attorney General William Barr on Monday to appoint a special counsel to investigate reports of evidence of influence peddling by former Vice President Joe Biden arranged by his son Hunter Biden.

The 11 House Republicans signed a letter that referred to a story published by the New York Post on Wednesday that said a laptop delivered to a Delaware computer repair shop contained emails and other information indicating that Hunter Biden sold access to his father while he served as the No. 2 person in the administration of President Barack Obama.

“Emails, allegedly on the hard drive, have indicated that Hunter Biden may have helped to orchestrate a payout to his father, former Vice President Joe Biden, from his dealings with a Chinese energy corporation, and that he may have compromised the integrity of his father’s role as Vice President of the United States with his business dealings in Ukraine,” the Republicans wrote.

“These alleged revelations raise serious issues about former Vice President Joe Biden’s reported participation with his son’s business dealings, specifically whether the former vice president (1) received foreign monies during his tenure in the Obama administration, and (2) if former Vice President Biden allowed his son to peddle access tohis father with foreign business entities.”

The letter is signed by Reps. Andy Biggs, Paul Gosar, and Debbie Lesko of Arizona; Rep.Ted Budd of North Carolina; Rep. Jeff Duncan of South Carolina; Rep. Jody Hice of Georgia; Rep. Mark Green of Tennessee; Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas; Rep. Ted Yoho of Florida; Rep. Andy Harris of Maryland; and Rep. Steve King of New York.

Joe Biden has denied he has had any discussions with his son about his foreign business dealings and the Biden campaign has said regarding the report only that the meeting between the former vice president and a Ukrainian petroleum executive referred to in one of the emails recovered was not on Biden’s official schedule from 2015.

“We request that the Department of Justice immediately appoint an independent, unbiased special counsel to investigate the issues that we have raised — as well as any corresponding legal or ethical issues that might be uncovered from the former vice president’s 47 years in public office,” the letter said.

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