President Trump supporters sail hundreds of boats near Mar-a-Lago in Florida

Don’t be fooled by the fake polls from the enemy press. A landslide is still coming in November for President Trump.

Trump supporters sail hundreds of boats near Mar-a-Lago in Florida

By Fox News, May 3, 2020

Hundreds of boats in Florida gathered near Mar-a-Lago in a parade to show support for President Donald Trump on Sunday.

Florida marinas opened to the public on April 29 after closing all public recreational areas on March 22. To show appreciation, hundreds of Florida residents organized a “parade” to show their support for the president.

Trump has been supportive of states reopening after weeks of shutdowns to stop or slow the progression of the coronavirus pandemic.

An invite on asked for boats to gather at 11:30 a.m. in the Jupiter Inlet. The parade then moved south to Mar-a-Lago, with boats flying Trump and USA flags.

“Don’t miss this event its going to be “HUGE” Lets honor President Trump for all he is doing to ‘Keep America Great!’” the post read.

A Facebook event page for the parade, created by Carlos Gavidia, showed that 2.3k people were “interested,” while 906 people marked themselves “going.”

Chopper footage captured the procession, showing hundreds of boats turned out for the event.

The parade achieved its goal, as President Trump tweeted out a thanks and recognition for the parade.

“Thank you very much to our beautiful “boaters.” I will never let you down!” he said.

Gavidia was overjoyed at the recognition.

“**** President Donald Trump**** Sends his personal thanks to the people Florida for this parade!!! …How cool is that!” he posted to the group


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