The anarchists declared a “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone’in the wake of police giving up the week-long blockade of the East Precinct.

“I guess whatever the fuck we’re doing is effective,” one organizer identified as Magik said over a megaphone early in the night as police were still clearing the area. “They are going to move up. They are going to get everybody out of here and we are free to move through these streets and protest and march.”

The surprise pullback of SPD riot police and National Guard troops came together quickly Monday afternoon after a day of hastily clearing out equipment, moving trucks, and reports of a “mobile shredding unit” at the building at 12th and Pine that is home to the East Precinct headquarters as well as department office facilities. “The decision has been made to allow demonstrators to march past the East Precinct later today,” an announcement sent to department staff about the decision to close the building read. “Additional measures are currently underway to enhance our ongoing efforts to insure the security of our East Precinct and provide for the safety of all our officers.” (Capitol Hill Seattle)

Seattle protesters march on city hall to demand Mayor Durkan’s resignation

Hundreds of protesters swarmed city hall in Seattle Tuesday night to demand Mayor Jenny Durkan’s resignation.

The crowd chanted “Hey, hey! Ho, ho! Jenny Durkan’s got to go!” during the roughly hour-long takeover, led by Councilwoman Kshama Sawant.

Some protesters carried “Black Lives Matter” and “Durkan must go” signs, according to the Seattle Times.

“When you talk about black rights, you can’t leave out the horrific gentrification in Seattle,” Sawant told the newspaper.

She placed the blame on Amazon, which is headquartered in Seattle.

“Taxing Amazon is absolutely a part of black rights … It’s about actually putting dollars on the table to address inequities affecting the black community,” Sawant said.

The councilwoman also addressed the crowd, which overtook city hall’s lobby and steps, saying the council would soon take up legislation “banning chemical weapons and chokeholds.” She also cheered Seattle’s $15 minimum wage and pushed for better political representation that “grabs power for ordinary people.”

The protesters left peacefully around 10 p.m., with some convening on Capitol Hill — in an area dubbed “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone” or CHAZ — outside the Seattle Police Department’s East Precinct. A screen that was set up played the movie “13th,” the Seattle Times reported…….


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