Report: President Trump Resumes Holding Presidential Rallies #StopTheSteal

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Report: Trump To Resume Holding Presidential Rallies To Defy The Left

By Sara Palin, November 9, 2020

President Trump is not done fighting yet.

The same president that withstood Democratic investigations for nearly four years, claims of illegitimacy, and is currently staring down a litany of legal cases to determine the outcome of the 2020 presidential election—is about to resume his rallies.

Ian Miles Cheong from The Post Millennial reports Trump intends to hold rallies to defy the Left and their claims that Democratic challenger Joe Biden won the election.

According to the report, “a source close to the White House” confirmed that Trump will use the speaking events to reignite his supporters and send “a message to the Left.”

“President Trump is planning to use these rallies to mobilize the base as a message to the left and to the Democrats that we are not going anywhere, and that this fight is far from over,” the source reportedly said.

While President Trump has not commented on resuming his mega-rallies, he has been very vocal on Twitter about the 2020 presidential election—which he claims he won.

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