Rioters Storm Ohio Statehouse Early Friday Morning

Democrats are rubbing their hooves in glee.

‘The windows are broken’: Ohio Statehouse breached by protesters early Friday morning

By: Spencer Neale |Washington Examiner| May 29, 2020:

Protesters in Columbus, Ohio, breached the Statehouse early Friday morning amid violent clashes with police.

Video taken from the building’s lawn shows hundreds of people who had gathered to demonstrate for George Floyd, a 46-year-old black man who died this week in police custody in Minneapolis, milling about while some climbed the stairs and threw rocks and other projectiles at the windows.

“Oh my God,” said an unnamed man. “The windows are broken at the Statehouse.”

“You can just hear constant glass breaking,” continued the man. “I see state troopers at the front. I can’t tell if tasers or guns are drawn.”

The man panned across the lawn to show a group of police officers charging toward the building. WCMH-TV reported that officers used tear gas to turn away the protesters.

Twitter users shared videos and images of the protests that showed massive crowds swelling into the downtown area.


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