Schumer Heckled By Furious Woman During Press Conference Calling For Trump Removal

Keep it up D-bags. You are recruiting millions to the cause of freedom.

Watch, this is brilliant.

It’s only a matter of time before none of these petty little Hitlers will be able to make speeches in public with massive interruptions.

Schumer Heckled By Protester During Press Conference Calling For Trump Removal

By: Mona Salama, January 12, 2021:

A protester interrupted Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) during the middle of his press conference in New York City Tuesday as he was calling for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) to reconvene the Senate chamber immediately to permit the Senate impeachment trial of President Trump before Inauguration Day.

During Schumer’s presser, he cited reasons for expediting the impeachment of Trump despite the fact there is only one week left before a new administration takes over. He rejected McConnell’s claim posted in a memo circulated to colleagues Friday asserting 100 senators would need to agree to allow for Senate business to proceed before they are scheduled to return on Jan. 19.

“Leader McConnell is saying he can’t call the Senate back after the House votes for impeachment because it requires the consent of every senator. That’s not true,” Schumer said.

Schumer then argued that a 2004 legislation allows for both Senate leaders to jointly agree “to reconvene the Senate” in “time of emergency” without the consent of all 100 Senators.

“There was legislation passed in 2004 that allows the Senate Minority Leader and Majority Leader to jointly reconvene the Senate in times of emergency,” Schumer said before getting interrupted. “This is a time of emergency. So I’ve asked him to call the senate back all he needs is my agreement. I’m still Minority Leader and his agreement as he is Majority Leader, and we can come back ASAP and vote to convict Donald Trump and get him out of office now before any further damage is done.”

As he was calling on McConnell to reconvene the Senate in order to hold an impeachment trial by end of the week, a woman was seen stepping in front of the podium where Schumer was speaking and began hurling insults at the Democrat lawmaker.

“You’re nothing but a racist, I’m glad Donald Trump protestor did this,” the woman roared, saying she “got sexually excited” seeing Schumer hiding “underneath your desk” during last Wednesday’s Capitol riots events. “That’s how much I loathe you, that’s how much I’m glad what they did.”

“I didn’t think that the Trumpsters had it in them, I didn’t think that the conservatives did, but you know what, you racist Socialist, you can dish it out but you can’t take it and remember this, Adolf Hitler was a socialist and that’s exactly who you follow, you’re nothing but a coward!” she continued on.

She then demanded Schumer to answer whether he told the U.S Capitol Police to “stand down” during Wednesday’s breach of the Capitol complex.

“Did you tell the Capitol Police to stand down? Did you tell them to stand down? Answer the question!” the woman asked, citing previous “Black Lives Matter” and Antifa riots that occurred across the nation last Summer in which Schumer and his Democratic colleagues called such events “peaceful protest.”

“Where in the First Amendment does it say you have to protest peacefully and politely?” she continued. “As long as there is outbreak and unrest in our hearts, there is going to be unrest in these streets.”

She added, “I’m just one voice here right now but trust me, if you do this to 75 million Americans, try to put us in jail, you’re going to have to hire 175 million to guard us.”

As she continued berating the Minority Leader, Schumer is heard over hot mic saying, “Can we remove her?”

The woman described herself as a “transexual and a Gypsy,” warning that it makes her “a minority of color,” as the Minority Leader security detail tried to gently grab her to remove her.

After the three minute long rants consisting of series of attacks, the woman left the small area where reporters gathered to cover Schumer’s presser in the streets of New York City, allowing the top Democrat to continue to finish his press conference. Schumer then rushed through reporters’ questions to quickly end the presser as the woman continued shouting more slurs from afar that were inaudible to understand.

The House is expected to vote and pass an article of impeachment on Wednesday.

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