Subpoenas are being issued in Maricopa County, Arizona to seize ALL of the Dominion systems for a full forensic audit.

We have arrived at the tipping point. Aint no stopping us now.

“I want voters to be 100% confident, to be as confident as I am in this process,” said Scott Jarrett, the county’s elections director. And  Chairman Eddie Farnsworth, R-Gilbert, issued subpoenas requiring the machines — and the software that powers them — be audited. The subpoenas will “ensure that at least the legislature has a process in place” to vet the “veracity” of the 2020 election, he said.

“There is evidence of tampering, there is evidence of fraud,” Farnsworth said, despite the testimony to the contrary from state and county officials. He added that the legislative subpoenas will help restore confidence that the election was held free of “tampering, manipulation and fraud.” 

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