TEL AVIV ON FIRE: Central Israel Hit with Major Rocket Barrage; Hamas Says Hundreds Fired at Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is now under attack. Pray for the people of Israel.

We had peace in the Middle East under President Trump The greatest election theft in US history was an act of war — the global jihad is very much a part of that.

Central Israel hit with major barrage; Hamas says 130 rockets fired at Tel Aviv

By TOI, May 11, 2021

2 Israelis killed in Ashkelon as fire on Israeli towns intensify; army launches major strikes on rocket sites, destroys Gaza high-rise, kills 3 PIJ commanders

Hamas says it fired 130 rockets at Tel Aviv, central Israel

Hamas takes responsibility for launching 130 rockets at Tel Aviv and central Israel, causing non-stop sirens for several minutes.

“Now, in fulfillment of our promise, the Al-Qassam Brigades has launched the largest missile strike on Tel Aviv and its environs, with 130 missiles, in response to the enemy’s targeting of civilian high-rises,” Hamas says in a statement on its Telegram.

The number of rockets fired at central Israel could not be immediately confirmed.

There have been no immediate reports of casualties. Explosions could be heard by local residents.

Third round of sirens sound in Tel Aviv area as terrorists pummel central Israel

A fresh round of air raid sirens are triggered in central Israel as Palestinian terror groups continued firing salvos from the Gaza Strip.

The alarms are heard in Tel Aviv and in the surrounding suburbs of Ramat Gan, Herzliya and Ramat Hasharon.

There are no immediate reports of injuries.

3 moderately hurt as rocket strikes Holon, medics say

At least three people are moderately injured, including a 5-year-old girl, after a rocket strikes the city of Holon, south of Tel Aviv, medics say.

According to the Magen David Adom ambulance service, its medics are treating a 50-year-old man, a 30-year-old woman and a 5-year-old girl in the city and are taking them to the hospital for further care.

Fresh rocket sirens sound in central Israel as barrages from Gaza continue

Fresh rocket sirens are triggered in central Israel as Palestinian terrorists apparently fire another barrage of rockets from the Gaza Strip.

The sirens can be heard in Tel Aviv and its surrounding suburbs, as well as towns to the north of the city as far as Rishpon.

In addition, alarms are heard in areas closer to the Gaza, including the city of Ashkelon and nearby communities.


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