Texas Gov. Abbott Deploys Texas National Guard to Counter Biden Admin’s Chaos At The Border ‘Open Border Policies’

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Abbott Deploys Texas National Guard to Counter Biden Admin’s ‘Open Border Policies’

Written By Staff Editor, March 7, 2021:

Texas Governor Abbott (R) announced his decision to deploy Texas’s National Guard and State Troopers to respond to the crisis as the US-Mexico border on Saturday.

The popular Texas Governor announced the deployment of “Operation Lone Star” to combat the growing crisis as the border involving the smuggling of people and drugs into the state of Texas.

The newly launched operation will integrate Texas’ Department of Public Safety (DPS) along with the Texas National Guard.

Governor Abbott stated that he would be ordering the deployment of air, marine, tactical, and ground border security in the highest threat locations.

Abbott blasted President Biden in his statement released claiming, “The crisis at our southern border continues to escalate because of Biden Administration policies that refuse to secure the border and invite illegal immigration.”

“Texas supports legal immigration but will not be an accomplice to the open border policies that cause, rather than prevent, a humanitarian crisis in our state and endanger the lives of Texans. We will surge the resources and law enforcement personnel needed to confront this crisis” the pro-border security Governor announced.

The Republican governor issued the deployment order after meeting with Texas DPS Director Colonel Steve McCraw. McGraw and Abbott reportedly talked about strategies to increase safety and security along Texas’ expansive border with Mexico.

Abbott’s timely announcement comes during a time of massive increase in illegal border crossings.

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