Trump Campaign Statement on Media and Democrat Exploitative, Inciting Tactics

Enemy of the people! The Left must go down hard in November.

If the Democrats want civil war, we history dictates we have a Republican President,


Trump Campaign statement on media and Democrat cynical, decisive tactics

By Trump Campaign Office, May 29, 2020

“We have witnessed again the media’s relentless twisting of President Trump’s words, and the Democrats seizing on that, to take the entire nation down the worst road imaginable. Twitter also played a role by mislabeling the President’s tweet and fueling the misinformation. The facts show that the President expressed horror over the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis and ordered the Department of Justice to get involved. When riots erupted in that city and elsewhere, he warned on Twitter that looting could quickly turn into violence. The media, Joe Biden, and the Democrats pounced, purposefully misrepresenting what the President had said, and showing once again that they are incapable of resisting their base impulse of dividing Americans, solely for the purpose of political gain, ratings, and cable news profit. A man has died, a police officer is charged with murder, an American city is in chaos, and Democrats and the media see only a political opportunity and a chance to make money. Their behavior is reprehensible and should be roundly condemned by all Americans.”

Flashback: Obama called Rioters Thugs in 2015

Flashback: Obama called Rioters Thugs in 2015. The media is now criticizing President Trump for calling todays looters Thugs.

Posted by Terrence K Williams on Friday, May 29, 2020

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