Trump campaign to unload on Biden with negative ad onslaught

Lock and load, Team Trump! The Democrats have never seen anything like what is coming to them. The Trump campaign is far more formidable now than it was in 2016. It has more money, and more resources, and a ground game that Joe Biden will not be able to match. Sleepy Joe and the Democrats are in big trouble! #Trump2020!

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Trump campaign to unload on Biden with negative ad onslaught

By Politico, May 7, 2020

Donald Trump’s reelection campaign is about to unleash a massive negative ad campaign against Joe Biden — the president’s most aggressive effort yet to damage his Democratic opponent.

With Trump’s poll numbers sagging amid his handling of the coronavirus pandemic, the offensive underscores how his advisers believe they must turn the race into a choice election between the president and Biden, rather than solely a referendum on Trump’s performance.

The cash-flush campaign is slated to more than $10 million on a national advertising blitz across broadcast and cable channels, as well as online. One of the commercials says Biden “coddles China,” where the pandemic originated.


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