TRUMP PEACE: Bahrain formally appoints its first ambassador to Israel

More miracles from the Trump Middle East peace.

Bahrain formally appoints its first ambassador to Israel

By TOI, June 29, 2021

Bahraini monarch Hamad bin Issa Al Khalifa officially appoints the country’s first ambassador to Israel.

Khaled Yousef al-Jalahmah will serve as the Gulf state’s envoy to the State of Israel, official Bahraini state media reports.

“His Majesty, may God preserve him, congratulated Ambassador Khaled Youssef Al Jalahma, and His Majesty expressed his lofty directives to the ambassador, wishing him success in promoting Bahrain’s noble message of peace and the values of tolerance and peaceful coexistence,” official Bahraini media says.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry signed off on al-Jalahmah three months ago in March. Al-Jalahmah had previously served as deputy ambassador to the United States among other senior posts in the Bahraini diplomatic service.

Bahrain and Israel signed a normalization agreement last September as part of the Abraham Accords, an American-led initiative to normalize ties between Jerusalem and its Arab neighbors.

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