Trump WINNING: Mike Pompeo hails ‘historic’ Lebanon-Israel border talks

Incredible. The two countries have not spoken in three decades. But now they will speak to resolve their sea boarder dispute. All because of the remarkable leadership of President Donald J. Trump. Not in a million years would this be possible if Joe Biden was president. President Trump should absolutely be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, for the progress that he has been responsible for in the Middle East. It should not even be a question. To think that President Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009, and would then spend his entire presidency destroying the Middle East. What a travesty.

Mike Pompeo hails ‘historic’ Lebanon-Israel border talks

By The Australian, October 6, 2020

Lebanon and Israel say they will hold US-brokered negotiations on their disputed maritime border, in what Washington is hailing as a “historic” agreement between two sides technically still at war.

The issue of the sea frontier is particularly sensitive, as Lebanon wants to drill for hydrocarbons in a part of the Mediterranean disputed by Israel.

The US would facilitate the talks to be held at the UN peacekeeping headquarters in the southern Lebanon border town of Naqoura, Lebanon’s parliamentary Speaker Nabih Berri said in Beirut, without giving a date, on Thursday (Friday AEST).

However, US envoy David Schenker said a tentative date for the discussions had been set for October 14, but would be confirmed.

In Israel, Energy Minister Youval Steinitz said there would be “direct negotiations”. But an adviser to Mr Berri, Ali Hamdan, said the talks would be “indirect”.

“They will sit in the same room, but there will be no direct conversation between both sides. It will rather be via the UN team,” he said.

He said the last US-backed talks between both sides were held in 1983, when they signed a peace deal that quickly became obsolete.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo welcomed what he called a “historic” agreement between the two countries to discuss their disputed borders, a “result of nearly three years of intense diplomatic engagement”.

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