Twitter Fails to Remove Iran’s VILE Antisemitic Fars News Agency Page

Jack Dorsey will sic his fact checkers on President Trump for rightfully denouncing mail-in-ballots, but has no problem with an Iranian media outlet posting the most vile anti-Semitic propaganda imaginable. Horrible!

Remove Iran’s Antisemitic Fars News Agency Page

By StandWithUs, May 26, 2020

he Fars News Agency (FNA) is an Iranian media outlet with close ties to the Iranian regime. Its Twitter account posts vicious antisemitic propaganda, including cartoons promoting Holocaust denial and demonization of Jews.

We need YOUR help to take down the FNA English Twitter account.

Here’s what you can do:

Sign this petition, calling on Twitter to remove this hateful page from their platform.

Report the Twitter account.

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The reasons the cartoon below is antisemitic

  1. Demonization: The image is a dehumanizing stereotype that literally demonizes Jews as bloodthirsty, murdering evil creatures. The Nazis utilized similar imagery in their anti-Jewish propaganda that prepared the way for the Holocaust.
  2. Holocaust denial: The demonized Jew is saying “Holocaust” with a long Pinocchio-like nose suggesting that the Holocaust is a lie.
  3. Jews as manipulators: Jews are demonized as lying about the Holocaust in order to kill peace (represented by the bird) implying that  Jews are violent haters of humanity, another old stereotype that incited anti-Jewish violence over the centuries.
  4.  The Jewish star represents Jews, Jewish peoplehood, the Jewish religion, and the Jewish State:   This vicious portrayal is not only about the star on the Israeli flag. The star in this drawing demonizes Jewish people around the world.


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