VIDEO: Here’s Why GOP Abandoned Trump And it’s Worse Than You Imagined

Absolutely horrible. The Republican Party establishment has abandoned President Trump in his fight to ensure election integrity. In doing so, they may turn the Republican Party into the Whig Party. That is because tens of millions of Trump voters are livid with these turncoats, and may not vote for the Republican Party again. The RINO Republicans such as Kemp and Ducey must eventually be primaried, if the Republican Party is to maintain any credibility with the Trump voters in future elections.

[VIDEO] OANN’s Jack Posobiec Gets “Scoop” on why GOP Abandoned Trump And it’s Worse Than You Imagined

By Wayne Dupree, November 30, 2020

I have been sitting here wondering why the heck the GOP is so checked-out of the process. Why aren’t senators and reps tweeting their fingers to the bone over this sham of an election? Why aren’t they fighting for us tooth and nail, and for their REPUBLICAN president?

I mean, truthfully, I know the reason – most of these people – even the one who pretends to like Trump, actually hate his guts. They’ve just gone along with him because they don’t want to end up like Mitt Romney or Jeff Flake – ostracized by the base and mocked and reduced to nothing politically-speaking.

But now, thanks to OANN’s Jack Posobiec we have a much better understanding of why…the “official” reason…and while it’s pretty much what we thought, I think it’s even worse.

Jack shared his “insider” info about what’s going on behind closed doors with the GOP, and why they’re basically refusing to help Trump, during his appearance on Steve Bannon’s “War Room.”

According to Jack, the GOP doesn’t see any reason to help Trump or their voters because it doesn’t benefit them. They want everyone to calm down and be happy that things will go back to “normal.”

Those words…”it doesn’t benefit them” really stoke the fires of anger for me, because these good for nothing bums work for us, and Trump is a GREAT benefit for us and all of America…and “normal” is a code word for “swamp.”

Sure, we all knew this was true, but there’s something about hearing it this way that just makes me fuming mad.

You can watch the video below:

At some point, we need to all come together and get on the same page and get rid of these RINOs.  We need to be willing to take some losses in order to purge these monstrous traitors from our party.

We can’t get complacent and think, “Well it’s better to have an “R” in there, than a “D.”

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No, that’s not true. This situation should prove that to us. We’d be in the exact same situation we’re in right now if Stacey Abrams was in the governor’s mansion.


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