WATCH: NYC Burns, NYPD Vehicles Set Ablaze, Crazed Protesters, Violent Riots, Mayor de Blasio Says “I See My Own Privilege And Understand So Much”

Failed Mayor Dinkins led to the election of ‘America’s Mayor Rudy Giuliani. De Blasio has Dinkins beat by a mile for worst NYC mayor ever. November will be a watershed moment.

Crazed protesters ignite NYPD vehicle, throw trash and bottles at Brooklyn cops

By Joe Marino and Laura Italiano, New York, Post,May 30, 2020 |

A police-versus-protester faceoff near Brooklyn’s 67 Precinct erupted in tear gas and violence Saturday night — with a marked, empty NYPD SUV set on fire and out-of-control marchers raining glass bottles and other objects down on cops from rooftops.

An hourlong standoff at Church Street and and Bedford Avenue in East Flatbush intensified at 10 p.m., when a scrimmage line of at least 100 riot-gear clad cops was forced to retreat as hundreds of protesters advanced.

The officers then began standing their ground again, and the standoff continued.

It was one of some dozen protests that popped up throughout New York City on Saturday in solidarity with coast-to-coast, sometimes aggressive anti-police-brutality rallies in the wake of the police-custody death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

Near the tense intersection, just two blocks from the 67th Precinct, four male and one female protester climbed stood atop an empty MTA bus that police had hoped to use to transport prisoners.

The police car erupted in flames a little after 9 p.m. but was quickly extinguished by the NYPD.

Two cops, apparently injured, were transported from the scene by EMS.

“Black lives matter,” they chanted. “Say his name! George Floyd!”

Adding to the bedlam, a protester cruised down the street on a moped, popping wheelies.

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