WATCH: Trump grants clemency to former Gary boxer Charles ‘Duke’ Tanner imprisoned for drug crimes

What a heartwarming story. Duke Tanner was given a life sentence for a non violent crime because of Joe Biden’s awful crime bill. Today Tanner is a free man because of the compassion of President Trump. President Trump is going to receive huge support from Black Americans on November 3rd. That is because he has done more for Black Americans than any POTUS since Lincoln.

Trump grants clemency to former Gary boxer Charles ‘Duke’ Tanner imprisoned for drug crimes

By Chicago Tribune, October 24, 2020

An ex-Gary boxer serving a 30-year sentence on federal drug and conspiracy convictions was granted clemency Wednesday by President Donald Trump.

Charles “Duke” Tanner, 40, was released Wednesday from a Pennsylvania prison, according to the Federal Bureau of Prisons. His original release date was Oct. 20, 2030. He had lobbied unsuccessfully for years to cut his drug sentence short.

Tanner said Thursday he found out he was getting released after the prison’s 4 p.m. stand up count Wednesday. After his release, he was taken to a hotel room. Friends later picked him up.

“They came to my cell and said, ‘We gotta take you.’ I said, ‘What’s going on?’ ‘You’re getting an immediate release,’” he said. “I got to say a prayer and praise God.”

Tanner said he was asking a lawyer to petition for a compassionate release due to COVID-19, but the paperwork hadn’t been filed yet. State Sen. Eddie Melton, who knew him growing up, Tanner’s manager Troy Bly and his son C.J., now 18, and others were in the Philadelphia airport, according to a video on Bly’s Facebook page Thursday.

“Make sure that the President knows how grateful I am,” Tanner said in a phone interview. “If you go to my boxing career, the second, third fight (was at the Trump-owned casino) in Gary,” he said. “That’s the same guy giving me my clemency.”

For the time being, Tanner said he was headed to Indianapolis to be closer to his son. He wants to eventually get back in the ring.

“The boxing world needs to watch out, because I still got it,” he said.

When he was arrested, Tanner was an undefeated light heavyweight boxer from Gary who had been in a televised fight on ESPN. Then 24, he was one of the brightest talents to come through Gary’s storied Police Athletic League gym.

Tanner was accused of leading the Renegades, a local gang that trafficked thousands of pounds of crack cocaine and marijuana, and was convicted in 2006 of conspiracy to distribute and possession with intent to distribute more than 50 grams of cocaine.

He was originally sentenced to life imprisonment, which was converted to a 30-year sentence. He had served 16 years of the sentence. The U.S. Sentencing Commission changed the amounts of crack cocaine needed for certain terms in 2014, and the change was applied retroactively to Tanner.

He tried for clemency during President Barack Obama’s administration, but that request was denied.

Tanner’s arrest stunned those who knew him as a charming, church-going man many believed had the talent to become a world champion. Tanner, who had no prior criminal record, told FBI agents after his arrest that he had purchased nearly $700,000 worth of cocaine over the summer of 2004 in a series of deals with a supplier who became an FBI informant.

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