WATCH Trump lawyer Jenna Ellis, CNN’s Brian Stelter clash over Trump tweets, CNN poll lawsuit threat

More perfidy and malfeasance from Jeff Zucker’s trash network. This time from the disgusting Leftist and propagandist Brian Stelter.

Trump campaign lawyer Jenna Ellis, CNN’s Brian Stelter clash over Trump tweets, CNN poll lawsuit threat

By The Week, June 15, 2020

CNN media analyst Brian Stelter interviewed Jenna Ellis, senior legal adviser to President Trump’s re-election campaign, on Sunday, and he asked about the Trump campaign’s lawsuit against CNN, a cease-and-desist letter Ellis signed demanding CNN retract and apologize for a SSRS poll showing Trump trailing Democrat Joe Biden by 14 points, and Trump’s tweet Saturday urging Comcast (“Concast”) subscribers to switch providers because it owns MSNBC and NBC News. It was like watching a Twitter fight in real life.

Trump’s Comcast tweet was “an opinion,” Ellis said. “He is also a citizen. No, he is the first one to actually use, to use his platform as an American citizen to be able to call out the fake news media.” Stelter cut in: “You understand that someday you’re going to regret this, right? Someday you’re going to regret this, when your kids and grandkids look back at this time, and you use slurs and smears like ‘fake news’ to hurt news outlets.”

Ellis said she wouldn’t regret her comments, adding, “You’re not trying to do your job, you’re not a journalist, Brian, you’re an activist.”

Ellis wasn’t done, though. When conservative Trump critic Tom Nichols cited the part of the interview where Stelter said Ellis will regret this, she accused him of endorsing “sexist rhetoric,” a curious charge repeated in a statement from the Trump campaign. She also tried to rebut CNN’s survey by linking to another poll.

Her second attempt linked to a Zogby poll that showed 51 percent of likely voters expect Trump to win in November.

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