Fmr. AG Jeff Sessions responds to rumors of President Trump rallying in Ala.

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UPDATED 10:31 AM PT — Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions recently spoke out on reports that President Trump is planning to hold a campaign event with his Republican Senate primary opponent.

In an interview Tuesday, Sessions said he’s at peace with the fact that the president has endorsed his opponent Tommy Tuberville. He added that the results of the July runoff election will come down to the people of Alabama.

Sessions said Alabamans will vote for President Trump in the fall and that he should spend more of his time in swing states. However, he added that the president is a free American who is allowed to go wherever he chooses and endorse who he wants to endorse.

“I think it’s great if he wants to come to Alabama that’s fabulous. I was there with him the first two times he came to Mobile, Tommy Tuberville wasn’t. Tommy Tuberville never said a nice word about him or gave dime to his campaign while I traveled all across the country to help the president.”

The rumored event is set to take place just before the runoff election, however, Tuberville said he’s unaware of the president’s plans in Alabama.

Sessions predicts that the president will be reelected in November and he maintains he’s the best candidate to help support President Trump in Congress.

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