£1,000 REWARD: Do YOU have a Picture Of Sicko Skana? – GET IN TOUCH 

A MIGRANT has been charged with the murder of Emily Jones, aged 7, who was slain in broad daylight in a Bolton park. 

Eltiona ‘Sicko’ Skana, 30 formerly of Turnstone Road, Bolton was charged with the possession of a bladed article.

Politicalite is offering a £1,000* TERMS APPLY – reward for information and pictures of Eltiona Skana. Are you a friend? Neighbour? Colleague? then GET IN TOUCH

Sicko Skana has been remanded in custody to appear before Manchester and Salford Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday 26 May 2020.



News Worldwide Limited’s offer of a total reward of £1,000,00 (ONE THOUSAND POUNDS) is for information, testimonies and pictures provided to Politicalite UK on Eltiona Skana.

This reward is subject to the following terms and conditions and will only be payable in accordance with them.

To be eligible to claim the reward, you must have provided information to Politicalite UK which leads to us finding images and stories about the arrest and conviction of the suspect.

You must be over 18, a UK resident, and you must be the person who provided the information to us.

If more than one person provides information that fully meets these criteria, the reward will be divided equally between the claimants.

The following people are not eligible to claim the reward or any part of it: (i) anyone who in the reasonable belief of News Worldwide Limited has any foreknowledge of or involvement in the crime (ii) any accomplice, relative, or friend of any suspect and (iii) serving police officers, or civilians working with or for the police, or any emergency services (iv) staff of Politicalite or News Worldwide Limtied. 

The offer of a reward will, unless renewed by Politicalite and News Worldwide, automatically terminate on 30.6.2020.

The conditions set out hereunder are subject to variation only by Politicalite and News Worldwide who will, at all times, will have the final decision over the terms and conditions, and payment of the reward. 

No payment(s) will be made until the Editor of Politicalite (Jordan James) has received confirmation from police or sources as to the legitimacy of the provided information and claim(s) to the reward.

News Worldwide is a limited company registered in England and Wales. 

Company number: 12509165

Registered office address: 17 King Edwards Road, London, United Kingdom, HA4 7AE



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