BREXIT CRUNCH: BoJo Strikes A Defiant Tone As Trade Deal Talks Continue

Despite saying a deal is ‘still there to be done’ Boris Johnson has continued to strike a defiant tone as he flies to Brussels for make-or-break talks on a post-Brexit trade deal with the European Union. 

Johnson came under heavy fire during Prime Ministers Questions from Labour Leader, Sir Keir Starmer. Starmer accused Johnson of breaking his promise of an ‘oven-ready’ deal waiting to be done with the EU. The Prime Minister, however, slapped Starmer down, challenging him on whether Labour would back a deal and pointing out that the Opposition has no plan of their own.

Later on in the Commons, he revealed the sticking points with the EU in a reply to Tory backbencher Sir Edward Leigh:

“Our friends in the EU are currently insisting that if they pass a new law in future with which we in this country do not comply or don’t follow suit, then they want the automatic right to punish us and to retaliate.

And secondly, they’re saying the UK should be the only country in the world not to have sovereign control over its fishing waters. I don’t believe that those are terms that any prime minister of this country should accept.”

Following his Commons grilling, Johnson flew to Brussels where he has a dinner date with EU President, Ursula von der Leyen. Allegra Stratton, the PMs spokeswomen, said that the dinner would be a “conversation” between two political leaders.



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