DISLIKE: Facebook ‘Hacks’ Election By Using Democrat Supporting ‘Fact Checkers’   

FACEBOOK is using fact-checkers that are exclusively Democrat supporting, it has been claimed. 

The social media networks “fact-checking” partner – is an opaque outfit by the name of ‘Lead Stories’ – and rife with left-wing bias, including recurring staff donations to Democratic party candidates, using the Democrat Party-linked ActBlue donation portal.

National Pulse revealed that in a clear conflict of interest, Lead Stories flagged a viral National Pulse investigation into Black Lives Matter, Joe Biden, and Act Blue as “party false.”

The National Pulse says it stands by its reporting, and upon contacting Lead Stories’ Editor-in-Chief Alan Duke by telephone, were told he would not discuss the matter, and that the only way to appeal was by e-mail. No e-mail address was given.

Now, a National Pulse investigation reveals the dubious claims to neutrality from within Lead Stories, and raises the question as to why a partisan outfit is allowed to police news on social media?

Lead Stories – which came into being just before the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election – counts up to a quarter of its staff, including its Chairman and co-founder, as recurring donors to Democrats such as Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. No donations were made to Republican candidates.

At least 50 percent of Lead Stories staff have been affiliated with the left-wing news network CNN, with a total of over 100 years experience at CNN between them.



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