DODGY DATA: Peston Exposes Flawed ONS Data That Led To Second Lockdown

Robert Peston, the Political Editor for ITV, posted an interesting thread on Twitter. In it, he revealed that Office for National Statistics has revised down its estimates of infection rates per 10,000 for the 17th October. 

The ONS figure for 17th October were 9.52 infections per 10,000. However, they have now been revised down to 4.89. This means that from saying for every 10,000 people 9 were infected they are now saying only 4 were being infected per 10,000 people. As you can see this is a significant drop. As Peston points out the ONS data is considered the ‘gold standard’:

Initially, the data seemed to suggest a surge from the previous week when it was 4.3 per 10,000. This is significant because the Government relied heavily on the ONS data to justify the second nationwide lockdown in England which took place throughout November and as hard evidence that the system of regional tiers was not working at the time. Far from showing a surge in Covid cases in the week beginning October 17th, they show a modest but sustainable increase throughout that week:

We already know that doom-laden predictions of 50,000 new cases per day by the middle of October, principally made by the Government’s scientific advisory body, SAGE, have been proven wildly inaccurate. If, as we now see, even the ‘gold standard’ can get it wrong, what else has been wrong? How have predictions which have led to the ruin of so many people’s lives and livelihoods through lockdown been allowed to slip by unscrutinised and unquestioned?

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