LOCK-FROWN: 61.8% of Politicalite Readers Support Anti-Lockdown Protests

A WHOPPING 61% of Politicalite readers backed Saturday’s protest in London against another lockdown.

Our coverage of the lockdown protest on Saturday was seen by over 263,000 people with #COVIDIOTS trending on Twitter. 

We asked our Twitter followers: “Do you support the anti-Lockdown protest in London?” Out of 2,905 people who voted 38.2% said they did not support Anti-Lockdown protests and 61.8% said that they did. 


MULTIPLE arrests were made following clashes, as protesters staged a demonstration in central London on Saturday against COVID-19 measures a vaccinations in spite of a ban of social gatherings above six.

According to reports, 32 arrests were made as protesters scuffled with the police. Demonstrators from across the country gathered in Trafalgar Square, where they largely remained peaceful before being dispersed by police.

Protesters held placards and listened to speakers throughout the day. Organisers of the event say they do not consent with measures of social distancing, obligatory use of masks, mandatory vaccination, use of the tracking and tracing systems, and 5G signals, among other elements.

One protester said, “I am here today, because I need to protest against this forced vaccination, and the regime that the Tories have brought in place, with the Labour Party, to bring in a medical dictatorship.”

“We are not denying that there is an illness and it is pretty bad. But the chances of getting it, statistics now show it is like 99.4 percent chance of not getting it basically, and also we take risks every day,” added another.

The UK has seen a sharp rise in infection cases in the last few days, forcing the government to ban social gatherings of more than six people in England, Scotland, and Wales.

The “rule of six” applies to people in private homes, indoors and outdoors, pubs, restaurants, and other outdoor spaces.

DISCLAIMER: Politicalite UK does not support unauthorised protests following the Government’s ‘Rule of Six’ law, whilst we agree that the free debate on Vaccinations and Medication should be open, we do not support more extreme Anti-Vaxxer conspiracy theories that can have a devastating impact on the health.

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