POLITCALIFE: Why Studying Political Science May Fit Your Career Path

IF YOU you are interested in understanding how power is exercised in different settings, you might do well with majoring in political science.

It can prepare you for a range of career paths and occupations. Everything is affected to some degree by policy, and in today’s global pandemic, politics are at the forefront. This degree provides you with skills that employers look for, including data analysis, great oral and written communication, and critical thinking.

What Does Political Science Involve?

This degree program can help you better understand why one candidate may be favored in elections. That way, you can make informed predictions about an election’s outcome. With this discipline, you’ll gain highly marketable skills in statistics and other areas. There are four areas of study in the degree. If you choose American politics, you might look at branches of government, public policy, elections, and social movements. With comparative politics, you’ll look at similar issues in areas outside of the U.S. You’ll learn how different forms of government compare when it comes to conducting politics. With international relations, you’ll learn how states around the world interact. The field examines how transnational organizations work and the part law plays in international affairs. Finally, political theory looks at issues like legitimacy and justice in politics. You’ll focus on making contributions to thinking on traditional problems.

Attending School

Political science is at the heart of a liberal education. That’s because you’ll deal with classic issues in both Western and global thought, like rights, justice, and how the individual and the state should interact. The degree also allows you to learn about the world beyond your home country. As with other disciplines in the social science field, you’ll learn analysis methods that will serve you well in both your professional and personal life.

While you’re in school, you’ll likely choose one of the four subfields to specialize in. Then you’ll complete several related courses in that. You may specialize in a second field as well. Outside of your specializations, you may learn research methods and take an elective. Some students struggle with paying for their education. Even if you get a job while in school, it’s unlikely to give you enough to cover tuition as well as your living expenses. Taking out a private student loan is a great way to fund your degree. One of the benefits of a private loan is that it may allow you to get lower interest rates. That way, you won’t have to pay back until after graduation. In today’s climate, there is no telling what the future holds, so getting a degree can future-proof your career in a sense.

Career Outlook

Choosing this degree provides a strong foundation for advanced study or work in many areas. This is part of a liberal arts education that can enhance desirable skills, including:

· Research

· Analysis

· Reading comprehension

· Writing

Once you graduate, you’ll be a good candidate for a career in consulting, government work, teaching, business, or finance. If you’re planning on attending graduate school for business, social work, or international affairs, an undergraduate degree in this field can give you the background you need.


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