ROYAL RACE BAIT: Black Lives Matter Accuse QUEEN of ‘Institutional Racism’ #BlackLivesMatter

A LEFT-wing activist sparked fury yesterday after claiming the British Royal Family was ‘institutionally racist’. 

Peter Thatchell – a LGBT rights activist took to Twitter to slam the Queen writing: “[The] UK’s head of state is first-born descendant of each generation of all-white senior royals.”

“Black & Asian people are therefore excluded from being head of state for foreseeable future.”

“This is institutional racism. #BlackLivesMatter


His post sparked fury with Brits calling out Peter Thatchells crazed claims. 

Micheal Hester hit back: “I don’t think I’ve seen a more stupid tweet in quite some time.”

“It’s a hereditary monarchy for God’s sake. No one but that family can be the monarch and they happen to be white. It’s not set up to exclude ethnic minorities, it excludes anyone who isn’t in that family. “

Foxxy Tweets said: “So all white families are institutionally racist then.”

 “Jeez you lot are not right in the head.”

Former UKIP leader Gerrard Batten wrote: “Its not a job you can apply for. She inherits by descent & she is descended from about 60+ generations of white people: Anglo Saxons, Danes & Normans. So what would you expect?”

Jo said: “This has got to be one of the most inflammatory tweets I’ve had the misfortune to read in a very long time. Your insidious hyperbole is both offensive and disturbing, you strange, strange creature.”

What do you think? 

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