SOVEREIGNTY TANTRUM: Labour MP Blasts BoJo’s Brexit Stance

Dr Rupa Huq, the Labour MP for Ealing Central and Acton, has provided the perfect example of the lack of patriotism that is the hallmark of Labour ideology. 

On Twitter she blasted the hardline taken by Boris Johnson and the Government in trade negotiations with the EU as a “sovereignty tantrum”:

A tantrum is, of course, something you’d associate with a toddler stamping their feet over an inconsequential issue. National sovereignty is, however, an issue of democratic rights and the issues being discussed are ultimately important ones for the future of the country and certain communities like the fishing one which has suffered greatly under the yoke of the EU.

Meanwhile, the talks are continuing without any visible movement and there are signs of a Tory backlash over Boris Johnson’s plan to deploy the Navy to patrol British waters in the event of no-deal being reached. Tobias Ellwood, a Conservative MP who chairs the Defence Select Committee, said the measure would be “irresponsible”. The Prime Minister has previously said that talks would not be extended beyond tomorrow.


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