The left is using ‘hate crime’ legislation to silence dissent against leftist policy

The gospel of the left is being used to silence dissent. Criticizing government policy is a dangerous endeavour if it concerns government policies that are based on the fundamental tenets of leftism, like (in this case) ‘diversity’.

Paul Joseph Watson reports for InfoWars on the arrest of two UK men who had posted flyers with the slogan “Pubs closed, borders open”. They are being charged with ‘racially aggravated public order offences’, and publicly criticized by government officials. The point of the flyers is that the government’s policies in dealing with the corona virus pandemic is inconsistent: native Brits are supposed to stay at home as much as possible, and pubs are forced to close to prevent spreading the virus – but the borders remaining open counteracts that.

While it would be understandable to fine people for posting flyers in public where flyers are not supposed to be posted, making this a racially aggravated crime, i.e. increasing the penalty, clearly indicates that we are not allowed to criticize certain parts of government policy. ‘Racially aggravated’ and ‘hate crime’ laws are how the left has weaponized the law against criticism of their ideology. Some are looking to the same with their climate alarmism, given the swelling call to legally prosecute ‘climate deniers’ (meaning anyone critical of the notion that we should sacrifice everything for the remote possibility that mankind might have a tiny effect on the global climate).

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