Company Offering ‘Portable Pod’ For Travelers Concerned About Catching COVID

A company called ViraShield has developed what it calls a “portable pod solution” that caters for people who have “fear of going out” in the age of coronavirus.

“In a matter of seconds, the ViraShield unfolds to give users a protective, six-sided barrier between them and their seatmates,” states a promo for the contraption on the New York Post shopping website.

“This 360-degree protection helps keep bacteria in droplets at bay, so that the next time someone around you coughs or sneezes, you won’t be directly exposed to the particles.”

The product appears to be some kind of personalized transparent tent for the upper body. The image for it shows a woman sitting on a plane seat surrounded by the pod.

“It even allows you to insert an oxygen mask or cover a tray table when you’re flying,” states the promo, adding that the pod can be adjusted for different protection levels.

Numerous different companies have responded to the COVID pandemic by offering pods, upper body visors, or even dog cone-style contraptions.

Back in August, the Governor of Maine ordered restaurant staff to wear anti-COVID visors upside down in order to direct breath upwards, despite concerns this would trap infectious particles in air conditioning units.

Toronto-based Protective Personal Equipment firm VYZR Technologies also revealed it had received 50,000 pre-orders for a portable head pod that looks something like an astronaut would wear.

Sophisticated post-pandemic pods have also been designed for use in offices, in addition to dining pods for restaurants.

A video out of Argentina also showed a couple happily wearing entire upper body visors while walking down the streets to protect against coronavirus.

As we previously highlighted, an illustration of life in 2022 by an Italian magazine first published in 1962 depicted pedestrians using motorized pods instead of walking.

As we discuss in the video below, pods are yet another expression of how people are becoming increasingly atomized as society moves towards a “new normal” that resembles a futuristic dystopian movie.


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