Gretchen Carlson: Second Debate to be “Virtual” so Moderator Can Mute Trump

Gretchen Carlson suggests that one of the reasons for the announcement that the next presidential debate will be virtual only is that the moderator will be able to mute President Trump.

Earlier this morning, the Commission on Presidential Debates announced that the second debate would be a town hall style event in which the candidates would “participate from separate remote locations.”

They justified the decision by asserting it was necessary to “protect the health and safety of those involved” following Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis.

However, Trump quickly told Fox Business, “No, I’m not going to waste my time on a virtual debate. That’s not what debating is all about…I am not going to waste my time.”

Joe Biden, accused by critics of hiding in his “basement” throughout the campaign, accepted the terms of the debate.

Gretchen Carlson suggested a reason why Biden favors a remote debate – because the moderator would have an opportunity to mute President Trump.

“Well this changes a lot,” she tweeted. “Next Presidential debate will be VIRTUAL. I’ve always said much more tough for interruptus to take place when Biden & Trump won’t be on the same LIVE stage together. Much easier to cut off mics & video. It’s called MUTE.”

Trump was blamed for constantly interrupting Biden during the last debate despite statistics showing he was interrupted by moderator Chris Wallace five times more than Wallace interrupted Biden.


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