‘Hitler Is Smiling Up At Cuomo’: NY Governor Slammed Over ‘Gestapo’ Covid Restrictions

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was blasted Wednesday after he announced a raft of new COVID-19 restrictions that could see people prevented from spending the holidays with their own families.

Cuomo tweeted that “New York follows the science,” and labeled gatherings as a “major source of COVID spread,” announcing that private residences will be limited to 10 people or fewer people.

In a further tweet, Cuomo declared that businesses with a licence to sell alcohol, in addition gyms will also be forced to close at 10pm every night, beginning at the end of this week:

In a third post, Cuomo proclaimed that “COVID is getting worse by the day,” and ordered people to “wear a mask” and “get tested”:

There is no indication of how any of this will be enforced, leading critics to suggest that the Gestapo may be coming to New Yorkers’ Thanksgiving dinners:

Daily Wire writer Matt Walsh asked ““Where does Cuomo derive the authority to tell people how many guests they can have at their own homes?”

Steven Crowder suggested that Hitler would be smiling up at Cuomo right now:

Others noted that Cuomo is hawking a book about responding to the virus:

Others wondered if Cuomo will be paying people’s mortgages, bills and rent:

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