Jewish Restaurant in NYC Hit With Coronavirus Fine For Leaving Door Open

A video out of Brooklyn shows a city inspector handing out a COVID violation fine to a Jewish restaurant owner because he left his door open to let in some fresh air.

The clip, which has received over half a million views on Twitter, shows the owner complaining to the city inspector about being fined and hit with a court summons “for keeping my doors open.”

“You’re giving me a ticket because my doors are open, sir?” asks the owner.

He then points out that there is nobody inside the restaurant and adds, “What if my store is hot? I’m not allowed to open the door because the store is hot?”

The inspector refuses to engage, simply telling the owner, “Everything is spelled out in the summons.”

“I’m struggling here every single day, it’s hard for me,” says the owner, insisting that there was nobody in the restaurant because it only offers take-out.

“In a red zone, you’re only supposed to do pick up and delivery at the door,” states the inspector, to which the owner responds that he told the delivery man to stay outside when he came to pick up the food.

Restaurants in some areas of New York re-opened for indoor dining on September 30 but officials have re-introduced total bans in some areas of the city, citing a rise in coronavirus cases.

However, even in areas where indoor dining is allowed, capacity is restricted to 25% and tables must be separated by a minimum of 6 feet in all directions.

A recent report by the NYC Hospitality Alliance found that out of 450 city restaurants, around 87% failed to make full rental payments for August and 34% were unable to pay at all.


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