Nosy: Face Mask Competitor Faces Ridicule

A product called Nosy that is positioning itself as a competitor to the face mask attracted ridicule after people pointed out that it looked absurd.

Although ostensibly a means of protecting against air pollution, the product has undoubtedly drawn attention due to the proliferation of face masks in a post-COVID world.

It’s essentially a small plastic nose covering that makes the wearer look like they’re permanently trapped inside an Instagram puppy filter.

A promo video for Nosy cites World Health Organization statistics which claim one in nine global deaths are due to indoor or outdoor air pollution.

“The problem with face masks is that they don’t have a great seal around the outside, they’re designed for medical environments to stop splashes and things like that,” explains one of the engineers behind Nosy, adding, “They generally have small gaps around the outside.”

Nosy prevents this by having a tight seal and filtering air breathed in through the nose, although it obviously offers no protection if people breathe in through their mouth.

The promo claims that the product is “fashionable,” with one of the participants in the ad claiming, “Nosy is not just a health device, Nosy is a fashion statement for the modern individual.”

Numerous respondents on Twitter begged to differ.

“April Fool Joke released much in advance?” asked one.

“It should be a joke, but deep down we all know with a depressing certainty that it isn’t and worse people will buy them,” remarked another.

“They look like Pennyworth villains,” added another.

Nosy doesn’t actually appear to be for sale yet. A Kickstarter for the product has raised over £23,000 pounds since it started.

Several respondents commented on how in a post-corona world people have been indoctrinated through sheer terror into forgetting that humans have immune systems.

“The immune systems of half the country will become so weak after years of filtered existence they’ll risk dying from the cold,” remarked one respondent.

The idea of people being so terrified of a virus which has a 99.8% survival rate for most walking around in masks and literally leaping out of the way of other people would have once seemed strange.

Now it’s our “new normal” – so in comparison Nosy really isn’t that odd.


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