Report: Virginia Tech Instructor Apologises In Syllabus For Being White

An instructor at Virginia Tech has been criticised by students for issuing a bizarre apology for having white skin, contained within a course syllabus.

Campus Reform notes that Human Development and Family Science instructor Crystal Duncan Lane included the statement claiming she has inherited privileges because of her ‘whiteness’ and apologising to students of color for “inexcusable horrors within our shared history.” 

Duncan Lane’s ‘Who I am’ section added into the syllabus reads “I am a Caucasian cisgender female and first-generation college student from Appalachia who is of Scottish, British, and Norwegian heritage. I am married to a cisgender male, and we are middle class. While I did not ‘ask’ for the many privileges in my life: I have benefitted from them and will continue to benefit from them whether I like it or not.” 

It continues, “This is injustice. I am and will continue to work on a daily basis to be antiracist and confront the innate racism within myself that is the reality and history of white people.”

Duncan Lane further claims “I want to be better: Every day. I will transform: Every day. This work terrifies me: Every day. I invite my white students to join me on this journey. And to my students of color: I apologize for the inexcusable horrors within our shared history.”

Speaking to Campus Reform, Virginia Tech student Natalie Rhodes commented on the instructor’s actions, noting “It is a class about disabilities, not political opinion, affiliation, nor judgment in any sort. If you are discussing disabilities, stick to your course.”

Another student, who asked to remain anonymous said “It hurts that someone says I was born with “innate racism” because of my skin color,” adding “[It] makes me feel like I should hide and worry about everything I say.”  

As we have previously noted, education systems in Europe and America are riddled with the cancer that is Critical Race Theory as well as attempts to “decolonise” curriculums, which is a euphemism for making white people feel ashamed of their history.

Despite the fact that “diversity and inclusion” extremists have largely hijacked the education system and weaponized it against white students, the ludicrous narrative that “systemic racism” only impacts non-whites still persists.

Indeed, the only form of acceptable “systemic racism” that still exists in the western world is practiced against white people.


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