Video: COVID Police Enter Home to Break Up Baby Shower Party

A video out of the UK shows police in London entering a home to break up a baby shower party after a neighbor snitched on the family.

The clip shows officers entering a property in Hornchurch in east London to find 20 people sat round a table which is full of food. There is an archway of pink balloons at one end of the room.

“We’ve had a call because you’re all here. Obviously, you’re breaking Covid rules,” states one of the officers after asking who lives at the address.

“We can fine every adult here, every single one of you. £200 each it is. Because you’re breaking the rules,” the female cop adds.

Metropolitan Police say two men were fined £200 each and the rest of the guests were told to leave immediately.

“This gathering had people of widely different ages and from different households present,” said Chief Superintendent Stephen Clayman.

“A gathering like this can have tragic consequences for all those involved and risks spreading this terrible virus to our loved ones and the wider community,” he added.

“Please have no doubt, we are determined to deal robustly with those who breach the Covid regulations in this way.”

As we previously highlighted, another video showed police entering a home in Scotland after a tip off from a neighbor and arresting family members.

If you’d have told people a year ago that cops would have the power to enter homes to fine family members and friends for having a dinner party, they’d have called you insane.

Now everyone meekly accepts it, with polls in the UK showing widespread public support for lockdown measures.

As we highlighted earlier, police are also threatening people with fines if they enjoy winter weather.

The UK is currently under its third national lockdown which could run all the way to summer.


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