Pelosi disparages ‘skinny’ stimulus bill as ‘emaciated’

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UPDATED 5:15 PM PT – Thursday, September 10, 2020

Nancy Pelosi mixed up her words as she struggled to explain why Democrats continue to obstruct new COVID stimulus.

“The Republican McConnell bill is pathetically, as Chuck Schumer and I called it, it’s not skinny, it’s emaciated,” she said “It doesn’t help state and local workers at all.”

During a press conference, the House speaker rejected the current GOP bill and insisted the government spend another $2.5 trillion on COVID relief. She has insisted government employees must get paid in full, despite shutdowns and reduced hours.

“Teachers, teachers, teachers, food workers who meet the needs of people will be fired. They risked their lives to save lives, and now they may lose their jobs. You know what? They’ll go on unemployment insurance, so what are we saving? Harming their lives, and not meeting the needs of people.”

Pelosi failed to express concern for the thousands of businesses that are going bankrupt and jobs that have been destroyed due to ongoing lockdowns.


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