Stimulus talks in deadlock with election results pending

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UPDATED 10:32 AM PT – Friday, November 13, 2020

Stimulus talks hit a deadlock in Congress as election results are still pending.

Senate Semocrats demanded an increased stimulus package Friday with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer calling for an increase from October’s $2.2 trillion package.

However, Senate Republicans have voiced opposition to the spending and, once again, pitched their narrowed $500 billion figure in response.

While citing the steadily recovering economy, Senate Majority Leader’ Mitch McConnell said a highly targeted stimulus will help more than a multi-trillion dollar deal.

Stimulus negotiators are hoping Democrats will work with the White House and come to an agreement.

“Make no mistake, the White House is still engaged in this discussion, the President’s numbers and Speaker Pelosi’s numbers were pretty close before the election so we hope we can get back into that level.”

Congress will continue to work towards a stimulus in hopes of reaching an agreement before January.


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