2,000 illegal boat migrants arrived in the UK this year, breaking annual record

The UK Border Force, the division of the Home Office which claims to protect the British people from outside threats, transported another 70 illegal boat migrants to Dover on Tuesday.

The newest batch of migrants to be brought back to British shores from the English Channel brings the total of boat migrants to arrive this year past 2,000, a new record, despite the fact that the year is only halfway over, the Daily Mail reports.

The Home Office recorded 1,890 illegal boat migrant arrivals during the whole of 2019.

After being picked up by the Border Force’s vessels Hunter and Seeker on Tuesday morning, the 70 migrants were transported to the Port of Dover in Kent where they were then disembarked. Two of the 70 migrants that were intercepted are said to have made the perilous journey across the Channel from France in a fiberglass canoe.

Since Boris Johnson declared the national lockdown to stem the spread of the COVID-19 virus on March 23rd, a shocking 1,620 illegal boat migrants have made their way from the France to the UK. Most haven’t been tested for COVID-19.

In June alone, 261 migrants successfully landed in Britain. On June 3rd, eight boats carrying 166 migrants made their way to the UK, a new daily record.

Responding to Tuesday’s crossings, a spokesman for the Coast Guard said: “HM Coastguard has been coordinating search and rescue responses to incidents off Kent today, working with Border Force, Kent Police and other partners.”

“HM Coastguard is only concerned with preservation of life, rescuing those in trouble and bringing them safely back to shore, where they will be handed over to the relevant partner emergency services or authorities,” the spokesman concluded.

In May, the ex-chief of the UK Border Force, at Home Affairs Select Committee hearing warned that illegal boat migrants crossing the English Channel pose a “major threat” to the country’s security, as Voice of Europe reported.

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