France: Macron may deport migrants involved in Dijon violence

French President Emmanuel Macron has reportedly asked his interior ministry to look into the possibility of expelling the foreign nationals involved in the recent violence which took place in Dijon.

After last weekend saw hundreds of Chechens and Maghreb Arabs – many armed with automatics, iron rods, and other deadly weapons – do battle with one another on the streets of Dijon, French special forces had to be called in to quell the violence, as previously reported by Voice of Europe.

According to a report from Le Figaro, among the Chechens who’ve been arrested or identified as having taken part in the violence, most are said to have refugee status.

On Tuesday, the Interior Ministry said that it would “systematically examine the possibility of expelling foreigners involved” in the ethnic violence which took place in Dijon between Chechens and those in the Maghreb community.

“Our response will be extremely firm and the [police]system will be maintained, the State Secretary to Interior Minister Christophe Castaner warned.

Castaner added that legal investigations into the violent incidents have been launched, and that the perpetrators would be “prosecuted and severely punished, commensurate with the serious acts.”

The widespread violence in Dijon kicked off last Friday after North African drug dealers beat a teenage Chechen boy so badly that he had to hospitalized. Hundreds of Chechens from all over France then traveled to Dijon to exact revenge of the North Africans.

According to a report from the French news website Marianne, representatives of the Maghreb and Chechen communities of Dijon met on Tuesday at the Muslim Cultural Center in Quétigny, outside of Dijon, to discuss putting an end to the violent confrontations. Allegedly, an apology was made and accepted between the parties.

The Muslim Youth of France in Burgundy confirmed the meeting in a press release.

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